Welcome to the Jokebook. Go and get yourself some coke (No, not that sort! I mean the drinking variety), a beer, coffee or whatever else relaxes you and then get yourself comfy and have a giggle at the world!!

  This Jokebook contains jokes of all descriptions and probably makes fun of just about everything on this planet..that includes religion, sex, race, beliefs, people and some things that some people might feel offended by. It also contains language that some may be offended by, however it is no worse than you will find in books purchased from a bookstore, or that you will hear on television or on videos. So if you think you may be offended by any of the material within this Jokebook, then erase it from your computer. Just don't go reading the whole thing twice and then complain to me or anyone else!!

  Oky Doky then, so now you reckon that this Jokebook might just tickle your funnybone once or twice. Well, that must be my cue to give you a bit of a blurb on the why's and wherefore's.

  This Jokebook was compiled by David Pye and is completely free in part or its entirety to do with as you wish with no strings attached. I did this purely for fun and I can only hope that it can brighten someone's life in some small way. The only thing I might ask is that if you find this enjoyable, then why not do something nice for someone less fortunate than yourself.

Anyway ..... Enjoy!!!